Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WooHoo!!! I'm employed! :)

I received a job offer this afternoon!!! :) This company called me in for a second interview at 1pm and by 5pm I had an offer! Apparently they really liked me. The pay is a little better than my old job, more vacation, and better benefits. I just have to give them my answer by 5pm tomorrow.

There are two other companies that expressed interest in a second interview and they'll have to call me by tomorrow morning to schedule an interview. I feel really good right now especially since there's all this interest in me at the moment. I'm Stoked!

Maybe a celebration is in order! :) Can you say ice cream?!

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Karana said...

Ice Cream? Ice Cream?!? I didn't think you liked Ice Cream. Maybe cheesecake. But Ice Cream?!!

Isepik said...

I don't want ice cream for me, but for you. :)