Saturday, March 18, 2006

Too Long.

It's been nearly a week since I've written. That's entirely too long. Let's see, what happened this week?

Monday, I worked (very good things there - I'm happy to be employed again and I like this job quite a bit).

Tuesday, I worked (I'm starting to see a trend here).

Wednesday, I worked (definitely a trend) and went to Council Round Table for Scouts. I'm now the District Round Table Council Commissioner (I hope I didn't just slaughter the title) - a long title for the person that gets to effectively run a Pack meeting for adults. :)

Thursday, I worked (nice trend) and took the girls to Disney on Ice. We saw Finding Nemo and the girls really had a blast, of course we kept them up too late, but they recovered. The show was pretty good, though I think I liked the Disney Safari one better.

Friday, I worked :) and got to GM a D&D campaign. I'm a geek, and as such, can be expected to do geekish things. Whatever your feelings on Role Playing Games, RPGs, I find it a good outlet for steam. Other people turn to sports, alcohol, gambling, exercise, computer games, etc. I hang out with a few friends and flip through rule books, while rolling dice. It's an acquired taste. :)

Saturday, I sat with 'Becca for the morning while Karen and Sara went shopping for birthday presents for 2 of Sara's friends, then we took her and another friend to a birthday party. After that we came home, spent a bit of time here, then Karen and I went out for our date night. We saw Fun with Dick and Jane at the dollar theater. It's a pretty good movie. I found it quite entertaining.

There you go, the week in a nutshell, not all of it, but the parts of it that I want to put up on here. :)


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