Thursday, September 28, 2006

A little different.

Today, I played host to my daughters, Sara and Becca. They spent about 3 hours in my office at my workplace watching movie on our portable DVD player. I think that enjoyed the time with Daddy, though I didn't really spend a lot of time interacting with them. I think they thought it was neat to be with Daddy for so long during the day. I do have to get work done while I'm at work you know. :) I told my supervisor, the president of the company, and he was cool with it. He told me that there were marks on his table where his kids had marked it up with permanent marker when he had to babysit at work too. I thought that made him a little more approachable.

Moving on. My WoW character is just about to gain level 38 and I feel I'm just about ready to solo a few things that have given me problems in the past. I'm also a little torn about my guild since it doesn't appear particularly interested in offering any assistance, though that's what guildies are supposed to do for other guildies. Oh well. I'll live. :)

OK. I've said enough for this one. Karen already told you about the Circus yesterday, and besides saying that the kidletts greatly enjoyed it (so did Karen and me, but don't tell anyone), there's nothing to say. I was a bit disappointed that there were no lions, tigers, or bears, but I guess they've been deemed inappropriate for circuses, though it may have happened a long time ago. Heh! It's been a VERY long time since I've gone to a big circus, and I don't really remember much of it. Est Vita! :)

This post was brought to you by the letters, R, I, S, G, and the number 7.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where does it all go?

OK. Who can tell me where the time leaks off to? I just sat down ready to post since I figured it had been a couple of days since my last one and realized that it had been SEVEN days since the last post. Holy CRAP! Where did all the time leak out? Where did seven whole days go? I can't fathom it for the life of me. I was pretty sure that I'd posted only a few days ago. Oh well, I'll get over it. Hopefully you will too. :)

I made banana pudding a couple of times recently. Once for the family, Karen, Sara, and Becca, and once for a company baby shower at work. (Sorry, I'm not gonna give that link out yet. :) Anyway, I know that my family likes my cooking, though I really don't think this counts as cooking, but apparently I'm a pretty big hit at work as well. Basically, the people at work made gluttons of themselves and tore into the thing as if it was gold. I was luck to get the container back in one piece! Perhaps I should make desserts for the family more often. :) I'm sure the females of the house would enjoy that. I'm sure Karen will have a comment about this.

My WoW character has finally reached level 37. Only 3 more until I can purchase a mount and wear ail armor! :) Yay! Of course, most of my guild doesn't appear interested in helping me much any more. What's up with that? I assist anyone else in the guild I can, unless I'm slowing them down. Too bad it doesn't work both ways.

OK. That's it! This post was brought to you by the letters S, J, F, G, and the number 7.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time for a rest!

The big event is finally behind us! Rebecca's birthday party was today and I know I'm glad it's over. Don't get me wrong, I love to see kids having fun, but as you all probably know by now, Karen doesn't just have cake, ice cream, presents, and singing. Oh No! There's the custom CD that goes with the theme, there's the loads of games that require props to be built (Sara's princess party comes to mind), there's the months of planning and stressing over the event (on Karen's part, not mine), and finally there's the lack of sleep and tight deadlines as Kare- er, WE procrastinate until the last minute and get no sleep the night before and work ourselves crazy the day of the event. It just feels really good once the thing's over. :)

Now, before my poor wife blows a gasket, I will freely admit that this was NOT the prime example of going overboard. In fact this one was quite tame. There was only one prop that really needed to be made and there wasn't really much to do to make it. There was a bunch of clean up to do before hand (needed to be done anyway) and some plans needed to be changed at the last minute (weather related), so it wasn't that bad. The feeling after it's over is the same though. :) You should ask her to post some pics of the last 10 birthday parties we've thrown for our kids. :)

Anyway, I'm tired and this post was brought to you by the letters, O, V, E, R, and the number 4.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tinker Toy - Done!

The swing has been purchased, transported, assembled, placed! The backyard playground is pretty much complete! Next spring we can add the fort and slide over the sand box. ( if we decide to go that route :) Now all that's left is to allow the girls to see it and lose their minds. :)

Now that all that is complete, it's time to grow the wallet again as it was squeezed a bit tight! The next thing to purchase will be Karen's birthday present. :) Before you start thinking I'm letting a big secret out, she's well aware of what I intend to get her for her birthday. The biggest reason for it is that we were going to get it for her earlier, but she decided it would be better to wait until her birthday to do it. I don't really have an issue with that because I know what I want to get for Christmas! LOL!

Anyway, I'm not sounding too well these days as I have some sort of head cold or sinus thing that has made my voice kinda shady. It's no big deal, but I sound pretty odd. :) That being said, I think I'll shut up now and allow you all to enjoy my entry as It doesn't happen too often these days. HA!

This post was brought to you by the letters, R, O, Y, G, B, I, V, and the number 7.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Construction Complete!

It's done! It's now full of sand. It has a lid. We have sand left over. It only took 21 wheelbarrow loads of sand to be carted around my house and dumped into the sand box for it to fill up to the rim. "To the rim?!" you say. Well, the stuff tends to settle a bit so I figured that it will drop a couple of inches due to settling and that will be enough to keep it all in. :)

I should go shower now because I'm drenched in sweat! It was a bit warm and humid out so I lost a couple of pounds of water during the workout. :) No worries, I drank plenty of water to replace what I lost.

(abrupt subject change)

Bob, your cables should arrive tomorrow via USPS. :) Instructions are in the package!

(another abrupt subject change)

Karen, I'm sorry. I'm a jerk. :( In my defense, I'm not all to blame. Please forgive.

(yet another, abrupt subject change)

All, I have a level 34 Hunter in WoW! :) The fall season starts soon! :) We don't have a DVR. :(

OK, I'm done. This post was brought to you by the letters N, S, O, G and the number 62.