Saturday, March 25, 2006

At Last!

It's over at last! The party is officially over. Now I need to go to work for a week as a vacation for all the activity and work that was put into one afternoon. The kids enjoyed themselves and that's what it was all about.

The adults thanked us profusely and the kids offered compliments like "That was the best party ever - even better than mine!" That was my personal favorite. :) Sara hit the mother load in gifts, including a wagon equipped with a seat and seat belt! I'll be assembling that soon I know. The family party hasn't even happened yet, and I'm wondering where we're going to keep all the goodies she got. I guess we'll have to box up some more of her less frequently used stuff and take it out to storage.

My body hurts. Nothing intense, just a general ache that permeates every cell. I'm not sure how this will feel in the morning, but I'm sure I'll sleep very well tonight. In fact, I had a sneak preview of the sleep I'll enjoy later, but it was short lived as I had to go eat dinner. :) I'll probably go to bed a little earlier than usual tonight simply due to exhaustion. In fact Karen has already turned 9:30pm?!?! Of course, she is the one that looses her mind for weeks at a time before such events. She usually relocates it shortly after the event is over. (I could have told her that it was buried under papers on her desk, but she wouldn't listen to any such thing. She'd prefer to go on thinking that it wasn't lost at all and was properly stored in her head. Silly woman.)

Anyway, I can feel the negative, feminine energy building in the upper atmosphere in preparation to strike me down for that "silly woman" comment above, so I'll call it a night so my computer can escape the blast zone.

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