Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spandex Jeans

We had a departmental lunch yesterday at the Macaroni Grill. It was superb! So much so, that I over-ate in a big way. I got up to leave and felt as if I'd be lucky to get back to the office. It felt like I had a five year old kid clinging to me on the inside! (I've carried my five year old daughter from the car to the house when she's fallen asleep during a short trip, but even that didn't feel the same.) I suppose it has something to do with squishing the rest of one's insides that makes the real difference. I made it back to the office finally and all I could think of doing was find a nice little corner and take a nap! A full belly of pasta tends to make one think in those terms. I resisted the urge and got some more work done.

I guess I'll need to wear spandex jeans the next time, or at the very least, remember to loosen the belt before it starts. :)

I like my new job. I've been there a week now and I feel welcome and it appears that people are glad to see that I'm here. I've been busy each day, but not overwhelmed. There are members in upper management that understand technology and its ramifications. That's a huge difference from the last place I worked. As I mentioned before, the pay is better, the responsibility is lower, the hours are more standardized, and the benefits are superior. What more can a person want in a career? Anyway, I'm still feeling the effects of yesterday's lunch and I think I'll go take a nap.


Good nigh- er... afternoon. :)

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