Saturday, April 26, 2008

Outdoor Sportsman's Playhouse

If you're an outdoors man or woman, be sure to check out the 5.11 Tactical Pants and other items that are available at You might think it's a little odd to go there for sportsman gear, but think of it this way. What better place to get really good quality, rugged gear, than at a place where tactical teams go to get their equipment. You have to think the gear gets used in much the same way, right?

Anyway, go check them out and see what you think. I'm personally going to take a closer look at the pants I mentioned earlier.

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Lettuce and Spinach!

We planted lettuce and spinach in the garden today. I figure that by the time they are close to germination, we'll be completely free and clear of frost danger. If not, then I've managed to waste some time playing in the dirt. :)

The garden is coming along pretty nicely. We have 3 rows each of lettuce and spinach and 4 rows of peas. The next things I plan to put into the garden is 1 hill of cucumbers, 1 hill of zucchini, 1 pumpkin plant, about 6 tomato plants, about 4 pepper plants, and a row or 2 of corn. None of the rest of this will be done before the middle of May. We'll be able to harvest something from the garden in late June if all goes well. :)

Anyway, I'll have to get some pictures when things start to come up.

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Neet a Boot?

I was working on my deck just now and realized I could use some new boots. The ones I have on have seen better days and aren't as comfortable as they used to be. If you are in a similar situation, go check out the work boots they have at I personally like the Danner 453 the best, though the others look pretty good too. Some models even come with free socks. How's that for a deal?

Go check them out and if you like what you see, get yourself a pair of boots!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Your Fault

I realized last night that the Queen blames herself for our recent tragedy. I told her this last night and I want to say it again where the world can read it.

It is NOT your fault! I do NOT blame you!

Hopefully this will help her understand that sometimes things aren't meant to be. There was nothing she or anyone else did that was wrong and caused this unexpected and undesired loss.

I love you, Queen. I hope you can begin to feel a little better. You still have a loving family, albeit a little bent, battered, and bruised and we all still need and want you to be part of our little club. Remember that you can always talk to me and come cuddle up if you feel the need.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008



If I've said that before, please forgive the repetition. If I haven't said so in a while, please allow me to say it again. The weather here SUCKS!!! I hate the fact that yesterday it was 80 degrees outside and today there big fat snowflakes falling to the ground at an astonishing rate with 35 degree temperatures.


Why can't we have a steady, gradual change to the seasons like other parts of the country? I was hoping to be done with snow and the like until the latter parts of the year. Sheesh!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Firearm Equipment

I have several friends who target practice with handguns. I've also had several friends in school over the years who have gone into the military and possibly into law enforcement. Any of these friends may be familiar with safariland holsters and would be able to tell you a lot more about them. I've always had tremendous respect for the people who protect us and uphold the law. It looks as if I have a chance to look at some of the equipment they use in order to complete their assigned tasks.

Take a look at what has to offer our law enforcement/military protectors and be sure to thank the next military service member or law enforcement officer you meet for a job well done.

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Spring has Sprung?

Guess what? It's 80 degrees outside! Wow! I love it! Unfortunately, my little princesses are outside blatently violating the Queen's rules about Christmas Music. According to her rules, it shouldn't be sung except between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Other than that. It's BANNED! Silly girls.

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The World of the Paranormal

How many of you out there believe in something paranormal? Whether it's ghosts, spirits, or even UFOs, you can find a Social Network about Paranormal activity out there somewhere.

I'm not convinced either way just yet, but if you're at all interested, you should be able to find a like minded individual over at to chat with or exchange ideas. I'm fairly certain the truth is out there somewhere. You just might be convinced that there are such phenomena or you might just find a new friend.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goodbye Nemo...

We lost what could have been our new son today. The Queen suffered a miscarriage last night. She appears to be recovering pretty well, but I already miss him - yes, I had been thinking of the fetus as a him. We had been affectionately calling him Nemo.

On April 1 we decided to play a joke on all you readers and announce we'd have a child in November and then mentioned that we were indeed posting on April 1 insinuating that it was an April Fool's joke. We intended to reveal our deception at the end of the month, but sadly, Nemo's time came first.

There are more details at the Queen's blog. I'm not sure just how much I can stand talking about it without becoming particularly emotional. Yeah, that's kinda hard to imagine, right?

Rest in Peace, Nemo.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Interesting Phone Call

So, I just got off the phone where someone I don't know tried to guilt me into going to a religious ceremony for a religion I am not a member of and don't agree with. How screwed up is that? I mean come on! I consider myself pretty intelligent. Isn't it possible that I've thought through the arguments you've given me and made up my mind?

Give me a break!

So I'll toss it out to you all. What's the most interesting phone call you've gotten in the last few days. Post it on your blog and put in a link to it in the comments. If you don't have a blog, just post it in the comments.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's the Holdup?

OK. In 5 days, tax returns are due. How many of you fine folks have completed and filed them? A lot fewer that should have, right? :) If you're getting money back, why haven't you filed them?

I know why they haven't been filed if you owe, but it just doesn't make any sense not to file if you're getting money back. If you wait until the last minute, it will take longer to get your money back. It just seems like a no-brainer to me, but I'm sure that far too many people out there haven't filed yet. It's a shame really...

OK, enough of the finger shaking. Hopefully you'll all get a giant return and will be able to afford a huge trip or something. :)

Please forgive my rant, I just needed to get it out. :)

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Custom Thank You Cards!

We all have to send Thank You cards at some point. In some cases, we have to send a lot of them. Most of us will trek out to our local department store of choice and pay a lot of money for a generic card that looks like all the others and says something that isn't your words. Why not use your own words on a card that you customized so that it will be unique? Why not do all this from the comfort of your own home? Take a look at these Thank you Cards and pick one out that you like. You can even customize the text on the interior.

This one was my favorite even though it's a business card. They have a pretty large selection of cards. They are geared towards business cards, but most of these have personal applications. I'm sure we could all find at least one that matches the way we do things. I'm pretty sure my wife would prefer to have this one.

Be sure to go to and take a look at what they have. If you don't like what they have in stock, you can customize cards with a picture of your choosing.

Get all these options for a better than most price! Check out their prices and be aware that you can have custom, professional quality Thank You cards for a niceprice in about a week. How can you do any better?

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Thursday, April 03, 2008


I gave blood to the American Red Cross today. So now I can say that I've contributed to society. :) Unfortunately, I seem to have the same sort of difficulty with the needles they use as with the ones the doctor's assistants use to do blood draws at the doctor's office. The thing works for a moment and then the person has to giggle the needle around in my arm so that it'll work again.

OUCH!!! Please, for the love of all that's nerdy, DON'T DO THAT!!!

At least this time the needle didn't go all the way through my vein and hit the nerve.

Anyway, I gave blood and they'll be able to tell me my blood type. :) I can give again near the end of May if I remember what they said correctly. Hopefully, that experience won't be the same as today's um... fun.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Just how much stock can a person place on announcements on April 1? :) Why not see what the Queen has to say about those sorts of things. An additional hint could be found in the sponsors of my last post. A little rearranging and you'll get there. :)

Good news! I now have an office at work! I got a call this morning asking which tasks I was working on and to move my equipment into an office around the corner. Apparently this office was earmarked for me already, but I wasn't put into it when I was hired. Go figure! :) I no longer have a window, but I do have an office.

I'll have to use the company webcam for a periodic view of the outside. :) Besides, I'm in IT and we typically don't like too much of the "Evil Day Star." :)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Wow, it's April already! Time flies these days. Things have been busy and both the Queen and I have been slacking on posting regularly. We have our reasons, of course, but the Queen is much better with words than I am so I'll let her tell you all about it.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing to put in the first crop of our garden (if the snow will ever stop that is). At least as a result of the very wet winter, we are officially out of the drought! Yay! Water! :)

The pager went off twice last night. :( I was up from 2am until 4am with about 10 minutes of sleep in the middle when I fixed one issue before the second one hit. I'm pretty tired at this point.

I'm going to get back to work now. Later!

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