Thursday, December 27, 2007

To answer a couple of questions.

I appreciate the assistance the fine people of Virginia have offered. :) The rest of you lurkers can get in on the action as well. :)

This post is an attempt to answer a couple of questions the aforementioned Virginians had. Hopefully this will make things clear. As I understand it, clicking on the Green bar at the bottom of the sponsored posts helps me boost my ratings and get a chance at more opportunities to post for pay. Replying to any of the posts I have that are sponsored helps me as well, though I'm not sure just how much it helps.

Thanks for your assistance! I really appreciate it!

This post was brought to you by the letters P, A, I, D, and the number 6.

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Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Okay, got it. I just clicked on the only green bar I saw (your Dec 18 post), and it took a loooong while, but a PayPerPost website popped up. Didn't know where to go from there to give you credit for the link, but I dibbled around a little bit there before coming back here. I'll see if I can help out a bit. I don't mind helping out the ratings of someone who posts stuff I enjoy. Good luck...