Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Concert

We attended the Christmas concert tonight at the LDS Convention Center. While I wouldn't call it my favorite event ever, the music was pretty good actually. The music was choral and while that isn't my favorite type of music, it fit the season.

I do have a question for you readers, though. What is the purpose of getting dressed up in one's "Sunday Best" in order to go sit in the dark and view a concert? I understand wearing decent, clean clothes, but come on! It just seems to be a bit of overkill to me. Of course, that's my perception and I'd appreciate you guys telling me why people do this. :)

The only other issue I had with the evening was security. I told them I had steel-toed shoes on (the ones I wear to work) and I had to go through metal detectors 5 or 6 times, each time wearing a little less. I was nearly to the point of saying, "Nevermind! I'll just go home. I don't want to be here that badly." They finally believed me when after using the wand, they verified that my shoes were indeed setting off the detector. This is worse that Airport Security where they'll just have me remove the shoes and x-ray them.

Such is life I guess. I lived through it so I guess I'm OK.

This post was brought to you by the letters G, O, S, R, and the number 6.

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Queen Karana said...

For this particular concert, it is requested by the people holding the event. While I was "dressed up", I was still under-dressed as I was not wearing typical Sunday clothes by LDS standards.

The dress code, while very simply stated, is found here:,8205,718-1,00.html

In general, I believe it is considered the proper way to dress for these types of events -- ballet, symphony, orchestra, choral performances -- but probably more than the type of event is WHERE the event is being held. A large formal concert hall would require more formal dress (in general) than say, an amphitheater with the same orchestra performing.

My .02 :)