Monday, January 07, 2008

Quiet House

The house is strangely quiet. Just moments ago, the Dragon requested time to play on the computer. The Queen said no and the dragon proceeded to continue harassing her until the Queen raised her voice. Now the quiet is deafening. It won't last too long though - the offspring will be at each others' throats in no time.

I think the Dragon is getting a bit too pushy in pushing her boundaries.

So have your youngins done this recently?

Why must we snap to get them to understand no means no?

This post was brought to you by the letters N, O, and the number 8.

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dubby said...

Gee, when Allen and Dianna were here the King was upset that he felt the minions were unruly. Didn't bother me. But they are too old to say "no" to. I will put some of their interaction on my blog.

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Take a look at the video for today on Dubby's blog... they never outgrow the contentiousness. My mother is 84 and still has spats with her sister, no joke.

FYI, I've been clicking on your links embedded in your posts, in the hopes of upping your commissions. The low-voltage Lizard lighting link just sat there and sat there and never came up. No problem for me, I just thought you'd like to know. I tried it several times and waited a full minute or more. All others come up quickly. Again, no problem, just an FYI.


King Isepik said...

Thanks for the clicks! They're helping and I appreciate it. :)