Thursday, April 06, 2006

Walking on water

I walked on water today.


There was some carpet and carpet pad under the water, but I was indeed on the water!

Short version of the story: We live in the basement of Karen's parent's house. Karen and I (and our computers, financial info, and clothes) have one room and our daughters, Sara and Rebecca (and their toys and clothes) have the other. Our room, the one with the computers, flooded. Karen called me at work in a bit of a panic inquiring about shutdown order of the computers. We talked a little later and it was decided that I would leave work a little early to try to clear our room and attempt to begin the process of drying the flooring. With the help of Karen's brother, David, and his wife, Holly, we got the room cleared and the carpet pulled up. We then plugged in the fans to dry them out.

I'm sure if you check Karen's blog, you'll be able to find the long version. (I'm sure I'll get some flack from her about this comment, but what are spouses for, eh? :)

I am currently dead tired and can barely hold my eyes open as a result of the hoops we had to jump through to get to this point, but the good news is that the computers are just fine. :)


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