Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's all fine...except...

Well, here it is on Sunday and I'm all set to watch a few hours of car wrecks ... only one problem. The power button on the house big screen TV is broken and it doesn't respond to its remote. Only one thing to do - take the back off the TV to see what, if anything, I can do to fix the power button. So, I dive in and quickly find that there's absolutely nothing I can do to fix the power button, so I put the thing back together, preparing to rig some contraption so I can turn it on manually (I still might do so).

I step back, take a breath, and decide to approach from a different angle. I decide to see if there's a reason it doesn't respond to the remote's power button, so I take apart the remote and find that it's full of a sticky, gooey mess. Apparently, someone had spilled a drink of some sort into the remote and didn't clean it out (how could they, you ask). So, I give the remote a good hot bath and get the goo out of it, and guess what, It only half works :) The power button works again at least, though you have to press it really hard, and that enables me to turn the thing on! So I get to watch my race. Yay!


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