Monday, April 17, 2006

Utah weather sucks!

Why does this state's weather do what it does? Yesterday, the temps were in the 70s, the sun was out, it was a bit windy, and it was beautiful. Today, 32 degrees, rain, snow, and sleet. Tomorrow's forecast is for upper 40s to 50s and partly sunny, and the day after that, it's supposed to be in the 70s again.

At least in Virginia, there were 4 distinct seasons, each lasting AT LEAST 2 months. Here, there's 8 months of winter, 1 month of spring, 2.5 months of summer, and .5 months of fall. (At least that's what I remember from all the trips out here and from the last 8 months that I've lived here.) I was told today, that this is the only state, where you can experience all 4 seasons in one day. You can wake up to snow, then it warms up to rain by mid-late morning, after that, it clears off and turns hot by the middle of the afternoon, and finally cools off for the evening.

This is a crazy place in terms of climate, yet it's where I live now.

Go figure.

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dubby said...

It has been nuts here in Virginia as well. Down to 28 two nights ago and over ninety the day before. The weather is absolutely crazy this year. Raining and sunny at the same time.

Just remember, if you don't like the weather, just wait a little while and it will change....

Mark of Ages said...

It's a dry heat.