Thursday, February 23, 2006

Casey Jr...

My youngest, Becca, is happily playing with her grandmother's toy train singing - in her three-year-old voice - "Casey Jr's coming down the track..." It makes me smile to hear it and to see her playing with Puppity (her toy puppy). She's very amusing, precocious, and creative. The songs she sings are quite amazing - for a three year old anyway.

This just in!
According to research performed by the esteemed free thinker, Rebecca Harris (3 years old), "every girl is a girl and every boy is a boy." This advanced concept is taking the scientific world by storm. "Her grasp of logic and reasoning is astounding!" claimed famed anonymous man, Joe Schmoe. Experts are climbing the walls in order to get a chance to interview her. More on this developing story at eleven.

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