Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Rant of the Month... :)

I tried to give myself a bit of time to get over this one, but I did say I would post the rant, so here it is, finally.

So, here we are, paying an arm and a leg for airplane tickets on an airline that allows you to pick the seats you're purchasing and when we get there, the seats we chose are NOT available to us. WTF!!! Didn't I just mortgage off my spleen to pay for these tickets?! Didn't you allow me to choose my seats? Since that's the case, why in the living HELL didn't I get to sit in the seats I paid for?

If we don't get the option of choosing my seats, then remove that feature from your website you useless wastes of JP-10 (that's jetfuel). Along about this time, you're probably wondering who these CRETINS are who upset the Queen and I. Well, I'll tell you. The airline was Delta. Yes, I did indeed utter it aloud. It was Delta Airlines who introduced us to the shaft on this trip.

I suppose I should simply be happy we got there and back in one piece, but I can't help being a bit annoyed by their IDIOCY in screwing us over. That's why we'll try to give our business to someone else, like Southwest, United, or American the next time we fly, unless they are prohibitively expensive.

There... That's off my chest now. :) I can enjoy what's left of the Holiday. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters S, W, A, and the number 4.

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dubby said...

Bryan flies for Continental, so keep them in mind. ;)

Yonni said...

Airlines just suck period. Waaaaa bail me out gov so I can rip off more citizens. If only government would stay out of things and let the private sector run it's course things would be much better!

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

I've done a lot of flying over the past few years. I can say that Delta is not alone in these type shenanigans. Weather delays I can understand. Other problems, I can't.

I can't figure out why they don't just raise prices to stay in business instead of trying to see how utterly miserable and unhappy they can make their customers. I'd be willing to pay a decent price for a decent product. If you remember way back when, the prices today are way low, much lower than they should be, seeing how I'm paying less for practically every single flight I take nowdays than I was paying for those same flights ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. But the product I'm getting for this lower price absolutely positively stinks, and is not something I want. That's why I drive if there's any way I can. I'll drive twelve hours to avoid flying for two.

Queen Karana said...

Oh, I dunno. 10-years ago, The King and I were flying back and forth from Utah to Virginia (be it Baltimore, Dulles or Reagan) for $150 RT, and the service was much better.

I can't get a price like that these days.