Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sleep Inn - How Dost Thou Sucketh?

Let me count the ways. Not really, but I became quite annoyed when our room key stopped working each and EVERY day at our hotel stay. I swear, did they really not want our money? The service in that regard was so bad that they were constantly blaming us for the keys not working.

The room was not too bad overall, a bit on the small side, with only double beds, but other than that, the only real gripe I had was when we were continually locked out of the room and at times building unless we trekked all the way around to the front desk.

It is possible that they just had some really incompetent front desk employees, in which case they need to be either fired or trained. I don't know which was the case, and I don't care. The point is that they should have known how to program the cards so that they wouldn't lock us out each day.

This post was brought to you bu the letters L, O, C, K, E, D, and the number 5.

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Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Yep, happens all the time to me, too. I've been attempting to prove the clerks wrong, though, by careful experimentation, and unfortunately, I need more experimenting because I'm running about an 80% rate in favor of the clerks. They tell me that the keys can't be put near ANYTHING, including other credit cards (that counts out putting the card in my wallet), especially cell phones (well, that counts out my pants pocket because I keep my cell phone in a belt holster), and including a palm pilot (well, that eliminates my shirt pocket, too, so WHERE do I keep the stinkin' key card?).

Sadly, when I go to the trouble of keeping the key card in my hand, and then laying it down on a dresser at least two feet away from the phone, TV, computer, my wallet, cell phone, chargers, and EVERYTHING else, the dumb key card works every time. Finding a place in the car away from everything proves challenging, too. But after careful experimentation involving probably hundreds of hotel stays, I have to admit that the clerks are giving reasonably good instructions, IF they can be followed, which as I say, is just about impossible in today's tech environment. Hence, I conclude that the problem is in the DESIGN of the key card system. And they can't answer my question about why the key card is so sensitive to other cards, palm pilots, cell phones, etc., when the EXACT same technology (mag stripe) on my credit cards and debit cards isn't so sensitive! Frustrating to the max, as they say.

Queen Karana said...

The King kept his key card in a pocket in his shorts that was near his right knee.

And all other electronics and keys were attached to him on the left side of his body near his waist.

So... explain that one?