Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Can anyone out there tell me why my lower back would hurt when I spent a lot of time painting ceilings?! SHEEESH! Anyway, I'm way behind on my hoped schedule. Hopefully I can get back on track (read that as not loose any more time) and be able to use some of the down time I have built into my schedule to finish on schedule.

---Beginning of Product Critique---
By the way, the Wagner Power Roller is NOT the tool to use when painting ceilings. It weighs about 3-4 times as much as a conventional roller and isn't as long as a conventional roller with a short extension. I haven't tried it on walls yet (it may be the perfect thing for walls), but I will when I start to paint the many walls of Baked Scone :) The roller itself provided good coverage when I had the energy to hold it to the ceiling for more than a moment. The edging tool that comes with the Power Roller is useless though. I get much better results with a conventional brush. The cleanup time is abysmal as well. It takes 45 minutes plus to perform the cleanup tasks they recommend which is much longer than you want to use the thing if you try to use it on a ceiling. I'm not sure it was worth the money to get it, but I'll wait until I use it on a bunch of walls before I judge that one.
---End of Product Critique---

So there is one coat on the ceilings of the bedrooms and hallway upstairs. There's the vaulted ceiling in the living room and kitchen/dining room on the main floor to do and the ceiling of the rec room on the lower level to do. I got a chance to look at my work today. I wasn't impressed with my work. Too many missed spots, though the coverage was pretty good. I'll stick with a conventional roller for the remainder of the ceilings in the house to be sure I have a good result.

Tonight's painting plan is that I'll get the second coat on the ceilings of the bedrooms and the first coat (at least) on the shelves of the pantry. I'll do it first and see if it needs a second coat (I hope not). The rest of the evening may see me working on the ceilings of the main and lower levels or furniture. It just depends on what's needed and when we need it.

The washer and dryer pair arrived today. The guys were really quick with the install and testing of the units. I'm happy with the machines and I think Karen will be as well.

The Landscaper is supposed to show up today to complete the sprinkler system repair and then we can get the lawn watered properly so that it will green up.

I'll be happy when the AC is installed as well since it is really hot these days. It's supposed to get up to 97 today! The swamp cooler just doesn't cut it and anyone who says it does is smoking something. You should try to locate their stash and share! :)

OK, enough ranting. I'm glad to be back in the home owners' club even though it is going to be a boatload of work for a while. I look forward to getting it finished enough to live in it and get a little rest before the next big project. Who are we kidding?! There's always a next big project!! I'll rest eventually.

I'll try to give another update tomorrow. For now I think I'll just ache a little. :)


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dubby said...

After this, future projects will look small. And right now, you are up against a time frame -- can you make it inthe house before you go crazy???? Wish I were there to help.

Karana said...

WHAT?!? There's spots that you MISSED on the ceiling!?! GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN!!! Kidding. :)