Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I washed the cars today. Both of them. You might think this isn't anything particularly noteworthy, but my wife and I know that it is quite significant. This is the first washing of this sort the cars have seen in very nearly a year. I know that's a sad, sad thing, but we've been living at Karen's parents' house and it just didn't seem like the thing to do. There were too many other more important things to do, but now that we have our own house and our own bills, I feel I can take the time (and water) to clean them sufficiently. As an added bonus, I'll be able to see out the side windows again. Yay!!! :)

On another note, we're getting little things around the house done bit by bit. I think we've both gotten it into our heads that it doesn't need to all be done immediately (just in a big hurry :), but we are allowed to take our time. Of course, it's not like anyone will be telling us what we can do and when we can do it (with the possible exception of Karen), so there's no real rush. We'll have our house-warming when we have it.

We're resisting the urge to go out and buy stuff for our new house, though I do go out and get things that I know we'll need, but only so often and a few things at a time, but there's this couch that I know Karen loves and to be honest, I like it too. :) It has a love seat that comes with it too, and we'll have to see what develops as to whether or not the set makes its way into our house.

OK. I've filled you in on a few things - I see no need to overwhelm you with a novelette in a single posting, so I'll end this one for now. Speaking of which, what kinds of things do my readers read? I'm interested to know if my audience is a bunch illiterate Tooks (Merri and Pippin), or brainiatic bookworms. Please post a reply so I can get a good count. Thanks muchly! I appreciate it.

This posting has been brought to you by the word expurgate, the letters X, R, F, and the number 9.

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Cathryn said...

I love to read! Fantasy's my favorite, but anything's fine with me as long as it's interesting and well-written. I just finished LotR and I'm reading Les Mis and the Dragonlance series is one of the next on my to-read list. I loved the Chronicles of Narnia and all the stories by Hans Christian Andersen, but I'm not a fan of Poe at all. And Merry wasn't a Took. Merry was a Brandybuck.

Good question. I may steal it for my own blog.

Isepik said...

I stand corrected! FYI, if you like dragons and that ilk as I do, any of the forgotten realms books by Ed Greenwood are really good reads as is the Sword of truth series by Terry Goodkind. I really enjoyed the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and I like everything I've read so far by R. S. Salvatore.

I have all these books, by the way if you'd like to borrow them. :)

Karana said...

I like to read. I don't get around to it often enough, but I like to read. And you know what I like... typically, anyway. :)

Shock and surprise that you like the couches I like. I didn't think you particularly liked them.

Lizzzie has had at least one bath while we were living with Mom -- I really think she had two. Just so you know.

And yep - taking our time is good. I'm glad it's not just me thinking this way. As long as we keep moving along, I am content. For now. LOL!

dubby said...

I do have a weakness for light fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction. I go through spurts where I read all I can by an author, and have had different stages in my life where i have read different things. I also like to read medical books and books that make me look at myself or my world in a different way. Self-help books? Maybe not the right word. Also, I enjoy reading cookbooks.