Friday, May 19, 2006


My wife lost her head today. The evidence is on her blog. I think she has a pretty good point, though and I think there might be some piece of legislation that's on our side out there somewhere, but finding it would constitute a lot of work.

I'm becoming a bit more on edge - more curt, crabby, annoyed. I want to be out of Fay's house so badly I can taste it. I'm realizing more and more that I just don't like her. I'm sure the feeling's mutual, but I don't sweat it. I'm letting what she does and says get to me more than it should. I can't stand her holier-than-thou, controlling attitude. I'm sure she has a similar description of me, but I don't care. I just want to be in my own space where I can be the way I want to be, without someone dropping little comments about this and that and butting into my life in ways that they weren't invited.

I'm going to paint our new house. It looks like I'll be painting the vast majority of it. I know what color I'll be painting the ceiling and trim in the common areas, but the wall color hasn't been picked yet. The girls' rooms will be painted, but once again, it's unknown what the colors will be. Also, will I be painting the ceiling the same color as the walls? Or will I be painting them the same color as the ceiling in the rest of the house? Unfortunately, the color decisions aren't mine to make, they're my wife's decisions. I know you're thinking they should be ours, but the truth is that as long as the colors of the girls' rooms isn't really off the wall, I don't care as long as I think the girls will like it. As for the rest of the house, I'm flexible and there's always The Home Depot nearby so we can get a different color later.

I'll be building a swing set for the girls soon, as well as a sand box, fort and slide combo that I'm sure they'll love. There are a good number of things that I want to do with the new house in order to make it ours, and to improve on it. We'll see how much I get to do.

Tonight's random thoughts were brought to you be the letters R, I and the number 6.

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dubby said...

PLEASE watch the move "Baptists at Our Barbecue". You would get such a kick out of it. It will help put certain people in perspective. (And make you laugh)

Karana said...

Have I found my head again yet?
And why is it number 6 and not number 4? HM?!

Cathryn said...

Haha, you're a good writer. You have yourself a new blog reader. And if you're not done with painting and building swingswets and such by September, and your house is anywhere near Provo, I volunteer to help! I love painting and building things!