Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No doubts.

There are no doubts left. It is official that I DO NOT like Fay at all. Maybe it's because I'm bull-headed, but I think she extremely rude and self-centered. She denies nearly everything and WILL NOT take responsibility for her own actions or words. She wants everyone to change to be the way SHE wants them to be (it ain't happenin') and refuses to accept that she has no business commenting about certain parts of my life.

I'm SO READY to be out of here that I can hardly contain myself. Less than 2 weeks until we take possession, of course there's a pile of painting, but that'll be a welcome change.

Time for sleeping, so G'Night!

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dubby said...

Phew, I was thinking Fay was someone at work. Still, this will not be easy. I have the same feelings for my in-laws -- we get along great as long as we are 1000 miles apart and we only see each other a couple of days a year. Fortunately, your wife does put you first and has similar problems (my husband adores his parents and blames me and ALWAYS wants to take their advice.) This time is going to fly by and you will love your new place so much. But you still have my deepest sympathy. This is a tough thing to deal with.