Monday, May 15, 2006

Lack of Stress...

Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I'm exhibiting an absolute lack of stress over the fact that we're about to get a house. My wife, Karen, seems to be flipping out at the thought, or so it seems from where I stand, while I'm just calmly planning to have zero sleep AFTER the book of paper is signed.

Of course, I've always been the type who could shrug off stress whenever I really needed to do so and pretty much not be affected by stressful situations. I figure it doesn't help the situation any to lose one's mind and become a wreck. I also try to help keep Karen's head on straight so she doesn't go postal or anything. I'm sure you're all interested in seeing such a phenomenon, right? :)

Anyway, three weeks 'til the scheduled closing and counting, then the better part of a week painting after work, and after that, moving all our stuff, then finally, unpacking all our stuff. It's not going to be a fun month (I'm assuming it'll take a good month for it all to be unpacked), but after that, It'll be our home.

Wish us luck! Now it's time to change outta my work clothes. It's too hot for long pants.

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dubby said...

I appreciate your unflappableness and I am sure Karen does, too.

Karana said...

You're always so calm. I'm just panicked because I've basically taken over the role of realtor and I don't want anything to go wrong so that we lose this house... and I'm not a good negotiator at all... and I don't handle confrontation well. So... well, I panic.
As for the other stuff -- I don't really care about unpacking except for the girls room and the kitchen (primarily) - and I want to have furniture and things that meet our needs so that it is easier to keep up with. And I want the girls to have rooms that they love. So yeah, I'm stressing a bit.
Now, if I had a few thousand dollars to shell out however I want I think I could handle the 'stress' much better. *grin* Especially if there was a penalty like "use it or lose it" because then I would definitely USE it rather than try to convince myself that we should save it. LOL!