Thursday, July 29, 2010


Since I suck at posting meaningful entries, I'll update a few events from previous postings.

After 2 months, Facebook has finally gotten back to my wife to inform her that her case is under review. WTF! Have those butt-munches not ever heard of the concept of "Customer Service"? Really? 2 months to say it's under review? They also flat lied to her saying that they had issued multiple warnings to her when in fact they hadn't issued a single one. So I guess we wait an additional 2 months for them to realize they didn't send any warnings and that she isn't a computer program.

Moving on...

The hole in the yard has been dealt with and the entire yard has greened up nicely. I need to to ratchet down the sprinklers a bit more and mow the thing, but it's otherwise doing great. Too bad the previous owner was such a cheapskate and used a sub-par stop & waste valve. Can you believe the guy is a general contractor running a home remodeling business? How can you have a business like that and do such shoddy work on your own home? How can you justify supporting your deck on piles of construction trash? That's yet another item I need to correct.

Next item...

We went on vacation this year to our local city. That's right, we had a stay-cation. While it wasn't as glamorous as flying to Florida or driving to Cali to have fun, it was just a full of stuff to do and just as exhausting as the other, more expensive route we could have taken. It took me the better part of a week at work to recover from the activities. I'm not saying I was slacking or anything like that so don't Dooce me, but I am saying that work was less hectic and stressful. Next time, it's a few days sitting on the beach drinking cool drinks, reading books, building sand castles. That sounds good, right? :)

This post was brought to you by the letters F, B, S, U, X, and the number 46.

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dubby said...

And how is the basement coming alone? Good to see a post.