Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After...

Hey, that was an old movie title. Hmm. Anyway, today is the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday and I'm at work. Apparently on some bad intel, I neglected to request the day off. Ooops! I will remember that for next year. :) Anyway, the Queen went off on a shopping spree and I was left to bring the little folk into work with me. They are currently quietly enjoying a movie here in my office. Once the Queen is done with her insanity, she'll come retrieve them.

There have been a few other developments over the course of the last couple of weeks as well. The Queen now has Bronchitis (she gets it about 2 or 3 times a year) and as a result, her mother was at out castle helping her last week and fell off my deck. It is about a 10-11 inch drop, but she fractured her right fibula and sprained (possibly fractured) her left ankle. That made Turkeyday really interesting this year since we celebrate it at the Queen's mother's place.

At least everyone liked my turkey. I'm glad of that and it turns out I could have started it a couple of hours later that I did, but who needs sleep, right? :)

Now that it's over, I just want to take a nice long nap, but I have to be here at work manning the fort. Luck for me, it's been really dead so far and I've already completed one of the two things I need to finish for the day. Once I'm done with that, I'll just surf the net until I can leave for the day.

What a week! I'm glad it's nearly over. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters M, W, O, and the number 5.

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dubby said...

Awww... What a great Daddy. Gotta be tough with the sick wife, injured MIL and two sweet little girls who want your attention all the time. I'm sure the turkey was great. Hope you get a chance to relax.