Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Are you one?


Are you one of those people who have a cell phone? If so, why did you get it? If you got it to be cool, then great - you're cool. If you got it to keep in touch, please do what it takes to fulfill that? If you have it for emergencies only, please be sure not to give the number out.

This post is for the people who have a cell phone to keep in touch.

I know it reads as if this is a targeted posting, and to some degree, it is. In my defense, I have recently run across this issue in personal life as well as professional life and it's truly annoying to try calling someone only to get voice mail over and over again. After finally getting in touch with this person, you find out time and again that they didn't bring their cell phone with them ("I forgot to bring it"), or the battery is dead ("I forgot to charge it"). WHAT?!

I'm going to use the Queen as an example here (please accept my apology, btw :) of how she needed to run an errand and wanted me to make a phone call to correct a situation for her. Unfortunately, I didn't have all the information I needed and when I tried calling her to ask a quick question, her cell phone which happened to be in the next room, began making pretty noises. She had left her cell phone at home, sitting on the table. I'm happy I was able to wing it and ecstatic that nothing happened to them or the car while she was out, but I would have been very hard pressed to get in touch with her in the event of an emergency.

If you don't have it with you and charged, what's the point? If you're one of the people who has given your cell number out to the majority of the people you know, do them a favor and keep it charged, on, and with you. :)

Now that I've ranted about cell phones and called out the Queen (again, sorry about that), I'll step off my soapbox, and relinquish the microphone. FYI: I am fully expecting to be flamed by this post and I probably deserve most if not all of it.

Queen, dear, please be a good sport about me calling you out. You just happen to be an easy target. Please forgive. I'll be sure to get some chocolate or something to make it up. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters C, E, L, L, and the number 5.

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Lint Monkey said...

Oooo, chocolate! If you're giving out chocolate in exchange for something like that, I volunteer to be called out next!

And I'd agree with you. If you don't keep your cell phone charged and with you, what's the point of having a cell phone?

Queen Karana said...

Don't want chocolate. You can cook dinner. :)

dubby said...

Okay, I will defend the Queen without flaming you.

You are 100% right, of course, and she absolutely totally realizes it. She would LOVE to keep it with her at all times.

Okay, let's drop back and just talk about me, because I am EXACTLY like the Queen in this regard.

I am ALWAYS forgetting my phone. It is NEVER where I think I left it. I DO have a special place to put it and charge it. And I HATE that I am always forgetting it, but my mind goes a hundred miles an hour and I just can't remember everything. Women don't typically have pockets or belts like men and it isn't as easy with a purse.

I think there is one thing I could do to make it easier. Since I have a special place to charge it, I should have a special place for my purse right beside it. My purse goes by the door and the charger is two rooms away. I can't walk from the kitchen to the front hall without getting distracted. Just not able to do it. So if they were together, it would HELP!

But what I really need is seven cell phones (like I have seven key rings) so I can always find at least ONE of them at a given time. Maybe. Well, most of the time anyway. And definitely chargers in each car with a spare one in my purse.

Queen Karana said...

Well... I only have ONE key ring. :)

Trish said...

Gentle flaming.....
Just because I have a cell phone and share the number with people I know does not obligate me to be at their beck and call.
I miss the old days when people didn't respond, like Pavlov's dog, to beeps, buzzing or BAD ringtone versions of BAD songs.
(shhh! Sometimes I even have my phone with me, turned on and charged and I just choose not to answer it. Shocking, huh? ;) )

And now to cool the gentle flames...
CONGRATS on the baby news! And the new van!

King Isepik said...

Great point, Trish. I only disagree because THE reason we have 2 cell phones is because we discussed it and decided together that we'd keep it with us, charged and on. She didn't do what she said she would do and unfortunately, it's happened a LOT in the past year or so.

This case was triggered when she asked me to make a call and handle some things for her but didn't give me all the information I needed, so when I tried to call, the phone she was supposed to have with her, rang in the other room. I would have left her voicemail if she couldn't answer it, but I didn't because I knew there was no way she would get the voicemail before I saw her in person.

In our case, we decided together that we'd keep it on us, charged, and on, but she hasn't been doing so. Am I wrong in expecting that she do as she says? Am I wrong to expect us to discuss it before changing what we agreed to do? Perhaps so in both cases. However, I'm still frustrated by the situation. :)