Sunday, March 11, 2007

High Pressure

I'm sure you've all had enough of my complaining about work and the asinine ideas the owner has about what's most important to keep his business afloat. The business is based on a service provided to clients through a web site and via email. The entire business relies on the servers. This mental giant refuses to pay for physical protection for the equipment nor will he pay for proper electrical protection for his equipment. His servers are sitting on a folding table!!! There's no redundancy and the core machines are out of resources. How long does this intellectual colossus think his business can continue to function on the ragged edge? I'm also under pressure to get our developer (a new employee mind you) to deliver a significant code change before becoming familiar with our software source code. Oh, by the way, we only have the 1 developer since it costs money to have 2 at the same time. Go figure...

Anyone out there in the Salt Lake area looking for a senior level windows systems administrator? I'm only half kidding. If the pay and benefits are right, I'll consider it. :)

OK, enough of the stupidity. If you don't read OTJ yet, you should. She has managed to figure out exactly why some of us blog. If you're wondering why blogging seems so important to some of us, then give her a read. Be warned, that she is very popular and you'll probably see a ton of comments to each of her postings. They're pretty entertaining posts and she loves to play with photoshop. Enjoy!

It's been a while since I posted as it would have only been complaints about work. Please accept my apologies for slacking on you all. :) I'll try to post more often.

This post was brought to you by the letters M, T, O, E, and the number 9.

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dubby said...

Personally, even I am getting tired of working with people without UPS systems on their machines who expect me to fix them when they get hit. If they can't afford the UPS, how can they afford me? Grrrr.

When the thing gets zapped, it will be your fault. CYA.

Lint Monkey said...

Apology accepted. This time. ;)

Oh, The Joys said...

Nine just happens to be my favorite number.