Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chicken was Made!

We had chicken a couple of nights ago. It was nice. It had been a while. We'll have to make chicken more often. :) Hopefully the Queen will forgive me for asking so often.

I'm looking for a junior developer. Anyone know someone in the Salt Lake Area who wants a job? I need to hire an entry level .NET developer. Anyone interested? :)

My character died last night in D&D. It was a sad, sad, day. She was turned into a wraith and then attacked the party. She had no choice in the matter. Now, it's time to create a new character so her death can be avenged. :)

I'm in a strange mood today, so I'll keep this short. Who knows what I'll say if I don't. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters, O, D, D, and the number 1.

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dubby said...

It's a shame you live half a continent away. I would enjoy the job and we have chicken all the time. It is cheap. King David only likes it if it is deboned because it is too much work to eat otherwise (go figure). I think sometimes he picks fights with me so that I will make the obligatory chicken pot pie (his favorite) to make up.

Lint Monkey said...

Ah sadness about your character dying! Tragedy! I forget sometimes that the characters can die, or I'd be more careful with Binki. Awwww man. I weep for you.

...kay, now I'm done. ;)

Oh, The Joys said...

Heh. I think I might be one of the few who knows what you mean about the "chicken."

King Isepik said...

I get the same feeling. :)