Friday, November 17, 2006


The heat at work works properly! YAY!!! This makes me happy. It took them entirely too long to get it working correctly. Anyway, I'm no longer being baked when I go to work. :)

So Queen Karana asked me to prepare a list of what I want for Christmas and I figured you would get a kick out the shortness of the list, so here it is:

1) Palmone Treo 700p smartphone. My cell phone is getting pretty old and it time to replace it with a better option.

2) A gaming computer. I have the parts picked out, but it's a matter of getting permission from the Queen to dip into the royal treasury.

3) 2GB USB Thumb drive. Everyone wants to carry stuff around with them, don't they?

4) Various and sundry DVD Movies in wide-screen format.

5) Various and sundry books from the multitude of series I read these days.

I'm not going to list off all the movies or all the books because that would take entirely too long. :) Anyway, it's all done and you can amuse yourselves. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters, S, N, O, W, and the number 31.

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dubby said...

Sounds like fun. By the way, do you ever look at Bryan is building an entire computer for under a hundred dollars from the free and almost free stuff he has been hording from there.

Since I have a key to my own royal vault, I don't want anything that costs money, which makes me far more difficult to satisfy! My king hasn't bought me a present in years that he knew about. This week he bought me a GPS, but he didn't find out about it until after the fact. (It is just a little black and white unit. I have respect for the royal treasury.)

Isepik said...

Good for Bryan. Is he planning to play any modern games? If so, he won't be able to play them on what he can get for under $100. It's possible to get a good gaming computer for about $500-$800 though, but you'll have to upgrade it in a couple of years.

The one I want to build would be viable for about 5 years without any upgrades once I have it built. I'll probably have to make a few compromises unless I want to wait until my birthday for the machine. :)