Thursday, March 25, 2010


My thumb is now thread-less. I had a friend remove my stitches today. While it didn't go completely smoothly (1 really tight stitch and 2 others that didn't get cut on the first try - I could tell when he pulled on them - OUCH!), I'm glad to be rid of them.

Anyway, after I dried up all my tears (no tears really) and the stitches were removed, I have an injury that needs to finish healing and a mysteriously numb spot near the nail on my left thumb. I suspect a nerve was clipped. No worries, there will not be a malpractice lawsuit as the moron who clipped the nerve, was me. :)

Anyway, the stitches are out and that makes me happy. :)

A great big "Thank You" goes out to the friend who removed the zipper. :) Thanks a bunch! I know you'll probably never read this, but there it is anyway.

This post was brought to you by the letters Y, A, R, N, and the number 39.

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Yonni said...

But I do read your blog ;)

dubby said...

Congratulations! Now keep out of trouble.