Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Take on Jon and Kate...

Did he cheat? Did she cheat? I don't know for sure. The only people who know for sure are Jon and Kate.

Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? No. We have a crazy man on the other side of the planet testing nuclear bombs and test firing missiles. He's possibly escalating to war, but we're focused on Jon and Kate.

Our country's in the middle of a large financial issue. Unemployment is climbing, our auto industry is in a shambles, but we're focused on a couple who are gravy-training their kids and having some marital problems. It looks like they are making about $50k per episode and I think that means 40 episodes a year which means about $2 million a year. I'd love to make that, but I'm not sure I'd like to have all the other that comes with it.

We can understand why the Octo-mom wants a TLC show of her own, can't we?

I think we're concentrating on the wrong things. Does it really matter if they cheated on each other? No. That's between the two of them. Would I blame them for cheating? From what I've seen of the show, Kate is horrible to Jon, so I think I could understand why he would want to step out. I don't see why she would step out on him at all. I just can't see it. He takes all the crap she dishes out and seems to still care about her.

Of course, this is all based on what I see of the show occasionally, so the real life events that aren't on camera, I don't know about.

I think we should just stop worrying about what they are or aren't doing with other folks and try to better our own lives.

This post was brought to you by the letters R, U, F, Q, and the number 8.

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Nicole said...

I agree with you totally. I was a faithful watcher every Monday night. Then about a year or so ago with all the blame she would handout to Jon my opinion changed about the show. I really enjoyed watching in the begining. I know how to raise 6 seperat children byt not twins and the septuplets. I just wanted to see how they do it. But I feel the show now has turned into money and they don't want to let that go. I read that it was between $60k and $100k per episode. That's a lot of money that I am sure they don't want to stop taking in. Plus all of the other comp items they get from stores and tours and even doctors office. They get too much free stuff with having the show. I also think it will be very hard on the children if they get divorced. What a mess all around. Just my 10 cents. Thanks. Nicole

dubby said...

Not just this show, but look at all the flak poor Obama and his wife are getting for going on a date! I agree with you wholeheartedly, some things right now are just not newsworthy and are better left to the people involved.

Dianna said...

So totally agreed. :/

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

I honestly, truly, don't even know what show is being talked about. (!) I concluded long ago that there is very little on today's television, even the so-called "News" shows, that matters in my life. Most "news" is simply ranting about whatever the news people want to rant about... only a teeny-tiny percentage is factual (such as a plane crash), so I apologize for not being up on Jon and Kate. But whoever they are, their lives probably won't ever intersect with mine, so I'm not too worried... Now the lunatic with the missles, well, that's another story --