Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Enough Time...

... in a week to complete all the things I need to do, which is why I haven't updated you all in an age. Basically, our little Prince threw a monkey wrench into our plans of getting things done in time for his arrival by joining us 4 weeks prior to his due date and 2-3 weeks prior to when the doctor wanted to deliver him.

As a result of the turmoil, the projects have been thrown into disarray. The renovation to the basement has ground to a halt and I'm focused on completing the Prince's quarters of the castle and getting the carpets cleaned in that wing. The last of the painting in the his room was completed last night at 1:30am. The carpets are scheduled to be cleaned tomorrow afternoon. :)

I have to clear all the items from our upstairs bedrooms tonight by myself which is only an issue for 2 or 3 pieces of furniture. The rest of it is either small or can be disassembled so it is more a matter of just doing it. It's still a lot of work though. I'll post pics of his room once I've reinstalled all the outlet covers, blinds, curtain rods, door hardware and put in all the furniture. You'll get to see the completed room soon enough. :)

I'll try to be better about keeping you all updated even if I happen to be exhausted at the time. :) Keep checking his blog or the Queen's blog for other updates.

This post has been brought to you by the letters T, I, R, E, D, and the number 3.

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