Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Sprain - I Think

I sprained my wrist I think. I know it's not broken, I can use the wrist for the most part like normal, but twisting motions hurt something fierce. It's better now than Sunday afternoon, but it certainly isn't pleasant. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for injuring it in the first place, but then again, I had to relocate all the cold white stuff on the driveway and sidewalks. :)

How did I do it? You're dying to know, aren't you? :) Well, that's a quick story. I was shoveling and the shovel hit a seam in the concrete sidewalk and stopped dead. Unfortunately, I had just started the forward stroke of the shovel, so the abrupt jarring from the handle of the shovel sent a sharp pain up through the handle and into my wrist where it got mired down in all the ligaments, bones, and whatnot that lives in my arm. It pitched a tent and I've spent the last couple of days trying to evict it. :)

Here's the part that will make you realize just how very stupid I am. When this happened, I just shook my arm, cussed a bit about it, and continued shoveling. :) I had to shovel the snow, you see.

I think I may have just nominated myself to go to the shallow end of the gene pool. Good thing too, because I can't float! :)

This post was brought to you by the letters P, A, I, N, and the number 127.

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dubby said...

Geesh, take it easy old man! I know how you feel. Get better or get treatment!