Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Digging is Complete!

I finally finished the expansion to my garden! At least the rough turnover of the soil by hand. :) I still need to till it up to properly incorporate the remaining plant material and grass clippings into the dark clay-like soil in order to loosen it up and enrich it. Next year's garden will be better than this year's garden was. :) It will be bigger overall and the things I plant won't be so crowded. I'll actually be able to weed it, not that weeding is fun, but I'll be able to perform said weeding next year since things will not be so crowded. :)

There are a few sprinkler heads that I'll have to change out and a few other specific things, but the hardest part is done! Yay me!

I'm sure most of you aren't interested in my gardening exploits, but there they are anyway. :)

The next large-ish project is to put in some duct work in the basement so it will be heated this winter. We'll see when that'll get done. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters G, A, R, D, E, N, and the number 7.

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dubby said...

Last I heard it was snowing there in September. What are you doing? Planting snow peas?

Queen Karana said...

Yay, garden!

Old Man With a radio transmitter in his car said...

Let's see. Tomatoes for sure. Summer (yellow) squash for sure. No zuchini. Perhaps potatoes? Lima beans, maybe? Snap beans? um, yeah, for sure. Okra,... um, nope. Asparagus, nope, takes three years. Strawberries? Nope, needs mulching, and the slugs then get most of them. Hmmmm. Canteloupe? Perhaps. Watermelon... ummm, probably not... takes up too much space for the amount of food you get back. Pumpkins? Lotta fun, but again, too much space for what you get to eat. Turnips? Collards? Two things I love, especially with bacon, and you get to eat both the tops and bottoms, but alas, my wife and kids said no. Hey, I know! Eggplant! Sliced, battered, and fried, one of my favorites! Spinach? perhaps, and like collards and turnips, you can grow these in the winter! Let's see... what else? Peppers, or chilis? Maybe, they are easy to grow. Radishes? Also easy to grow, if you like them (I don't). Carrots? Only if the soil is real loose and sandy, otherwise they end up stunted -- two inches long and two inches thick -- we tried it one year here in Virginia. How about yams? I've never tried yams, or sweet potatoes, either. Celery? I've never tried that, either. It'll be interesting to see what grows in the Salt Lake soil. Good luck.