Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Warning! This post is a downer. Unless you want to be abruptly and unceremoniously ripped down from your life high, move right along.

You have been warned...

So I officially turned "One Year Older than Dirt" a few days ago. Better than the alternative, I suppose. Anyway, I knew there was a reason I HATED birthdays and this birthday helped to solidify that feeling. The Queen became livid pissed at me for helping pick up a room after I got home from taking the Princess to baseball practice. Then, she screams at me to inform me that dinner's ready. It wasn't a pleasant experience. The net result is that she's yelling/screaming at me shortly before her family is supposed to come over and wish me Happy Birthday. I put on my "Hey, how's everybody doing?" mask and pretend nothing ever happened. I'm guessing that I did/didn't do/say something that pushed her over the edge. I can only guess because we haven't spoken much since then. I don't know why she became so angry, but I was the target, and that doesn't feel so good nor does it seem very fair to me. That's part of marriage, right?

I think I'd appreciate it if there is no celebration for any of my future birthdays. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the fact that people WANT to celebrate, but it seems that my birthday celebrations always tend to devolve into something I don't want to remember.

My apologies to all of you for posting something that is bound to bring you all down. Next year, I'll treat my birthday as what it is - just another day.

I did get some nice presents, but I still don't feel particularly good about the event.

This post was brought to you by the letters R, A, T, E, D, and the number 4 (out of 10).

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Queen Karana said...

Uh-no. I did not become livid pissed at you for helping pick up a room.

I became livid HURT and pissed because you kept putting words in my mouth, and you totally dissed the girls when they were excitedly trying to show you the balloons that they (not me) had picked out especially for their Daddy.