Monday, April 02, 2007


Phew! The giant project at work is finally over! Everything's been done and deployed so now there are just a few minor issues to mop up. I should have time to post more entries and comments for a while. :)

The weather is finally beginning to act like spring. Warm days and mild nights. It's caused the grass to grow green and a few flowers to peek out at us. It's caused me to start working on an area to put in a garden as well as look into other projects that need to be completed.

It also means that it's finally warm enough in the basement to spend a bit of time down there without sprouting icicles on my nose. :) Look forward to hearing about more of my WoW exploits as well as how geeky I am.

Let's hope my friend, M, is good for D&D this week. He took last week off to spend time with his wife. Kinda silly to cancel a session for that, right? :) Kidding!

Anway, it's good to have the pressure valve opened a bit at work so there's not quite so much managerial stressing gonig on at work. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters, G, R, E, E, N, and the number 12.

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dubby said...

Yup, we are getting grass here, too, and I would mow it if I thought the mower would work. Maybe I just need goats.

Did I tell you Dianna got a new Vista machine from Dell? She gets error messages every time she starts up because the drivers are incompatible.

King Isepik said...

I'll bet that was more about Vista than the laptop. :)