Monday, December 04, 2006

Quiet Time...

I'm forced to do less talking than I normally do. I have an ailment (I think it's a sinus infection) and it's causing drainage and a sore throat. That leads to coughing and inflamed vocal cords, which results in less than optimal conditions for oral communication. I sound very bad, though better today than I did on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. At any rate, I need to reduce the amount of talking I do in order to make the cords feel better so I can talk. It's quite annoying. :)

I'm sure the Queen isn't very happy about it as she complains that I'm not vocal enough as it is. I guess this'll show her that it could be worse. :)

Anyway, not much happened over the past week aside from helping the Admiral rebuild her computer last night. Please let us all know if it's working correctly, Bob! :)

I'm not gonna say that much more. Instead, I'm gonna go and take a short nap or play Uno w/ the queen and the big princess. :)

This post was brought to you by the letters, Q, U, I, E, T, and the number 8.

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Karana said...

heh. how ya gonna play UNO if you can't say UNO quiet man?!? HM???

And no, I'm not upset. When you are sick and losing you're voice you have an excuse not to talk. You're off the hook for the most part.

dubby said...

Are you contagious? I'd love to send David out there.... (lol)