Sunday, July 30, 2006

Too Long... Sorry.

I just realized, that I haven't posted in more than a week. Too many things have happened in that time frame. It's been too long... Sorry. I have good reasons though.

My last post indicated that the IT department had just been cut in half. Well we just lost another third. My direct supervisor, (head of the IT department) announced last week on Wednesday, that Monday, July 31 would be his last day here. That's tomorrow, folks.

I've been selected to run the IT department (all 2 of us), so this is a bit of a promotion. I'm happy I still have a job, but it doesn't make me happy to see the direction the company is going. I'd feel much better if we hired 2 more people into the IT department and began training them into backups of the 2 remaining full time members of the department. The company would collapse inside of 2 weeks if anything were to happen to either of us and that scares me immensely! It doesn't look like the owner cares about the IT department at all, however and in fact sees IT as nothing but an expense.

I need to do what's best for my family and to that end, I'm making sure that no opportunities pass me by. That being said, I'm NOT going to quit until and unless I find something better at a bigger, more stable company. Anyone know someone who needs a good Sr. Sys Admin? :)

Anyway, in WoW, my character has graduated to level 25 and is doing pretty well. I'm told that I'm moving along at a pretty good clip. That would make me feel better if I could actually catch up to some of the other people I play with. I think I'd do better if I hadn't chosen some of the things I chose with the character earlier on. Oh Well! That's life I suppose. Anyway, I'm taking suggestions for the name of my pet cat (in the game). It's basically a large black panther that advances along with me. The game names it "Cat" be default, but I can select a name myself. Of course, once I select a name, it's final. So... Anyone have any suggestions? :)

We're getting REAL air conditioning! It'll be installed on August 10 and the Swamp cooler will be ripped outta the house! Silly Utah folks stilol believe swamp coolers are useful. That means I'll have to relocate a few things out in the yard and I'm NOT looking forward to all the digging it will require. Such is life, eh? :)

This post brought to you by the letters A, C, and the number 10.

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